After the 20s, electric motor began to populate all kitchens

Until the ’20s, going from car began with a gym, it was necessary to bow in front of the car and make an effort to turn the crank. The function of the crank was cause the motor to run, and so the car was moving.

However, over the years, the handle gave way to a small engine that was powered by a battery.

Like the car, the electric motor began to populate the entire domestic landscape, because the electric motor is present in the washing machine and dryer, in vacuum cleaners, blenders, refrigerators, and many others.

The electric motor coxreels sh n 350 is also essential in the elevators, the electronic gates of garages and also in escalators of a shopping stairs. As the hair dryer, the elevator also needs an electric motor even being a little higher, it is the electric motor device capable of transforming electrical energy into mechanical and this is what causes the fan blades rotate.

Tips to keep the electric motor bearings in use conditions

For the electric motor bearings rotate he must receive at least once a month grease should be applied, you will have to give at least five laps and this will leave the electric motor shaft in a different position from the original.

If the electric motor has a shaft locking device, the electric motor 1175-6-100 should be removed before the shaft is rotated and reattached again even before the electric motor be transported.

The vertical electric motor can be stored both vertically and horizontally. If the electric motor has open bearing and the same electric motor to be stored for more than six months, the bearings of this electric motor always be relubricated even before the electric motor is put to work.

If the electric motor to be stored for more than then years indicated it is that the bearings are replaced or removed, washed, inspected and relubricated.

Temperature, vibration and current alarms disconnect the electric motor automatically

The resistance temperature sensors serve to monitor the electric motor when the electric motor suffers from the temperature rise to exceed the operating limits that are considered normal.

In the electric motor is installed a vibration sensor that is mounted on the shaft end of the electric motor bearing housing and thus is detected excess movement is axial or radial on the electric motor shaft.

The current sensors that have been installed on the electric motor monitor the increase and decrease in the current which is consumed by the electric motor. An overcurrent alarm may be triggered when a bomb calls for greater torque than the electric motor is able to provide.

The undercurrent alarm is then triggered when the coupling is the shaft of the electric motor to the pump shaft is broken. Thus, temperature alarms, vibration, and power turn off the electric motor automatically. baldor

Electric motor bearings replacement should be done by qualified personnel

When an electric motor is dismantled to be replaced a bearing that should only be done by personnel who are qualified as so will avoid damage to the electric motor cores, it will be necessary to remove the bearing cover, putting on the air gap between the rotor and the stator with cardstock which has a corresponding thickness.

Dismantling of electric motor bearings is not difficult, but it must be appropriate tools are used. Puller claws should only be applied when on the lateral side of the electric motor of the inner ring to be disassembled or be placed on an adjacent part.

It is essential that the assembly of electric motor bearings are carried out in conditions of complete cleanliness and qualified personnel, thus it will be assured of a smooth functioning of the electric motor and the damage will be avoided.

How Electric Motors Work

Electric motors are machines that were able to provide agility and economy for various sectors. The activities that were implemented in more complex, have been simplified with the emergence of this engine. Understand details about the operation of it and know why it is so indicated and used.

Whether in household appliances with industrial processes, the electric motor has changed the landscape of many industries. For the uninitiated, it is a machine responsible for making the transformation of electrical energy to mechanical energy effectively and economically. Many products and processes need this transformation and therefore use the engine.

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In order to make the transformation of this energy, the electric motor uses the principle of electromagnetism. Based on this principle is that the engine works, it has in its internal structure parts that are responsible for performing its main function, the process is much simpler than we think.

Electric Motor application

It is increasing the number of segments that make use of the electric motor to work. It is interesting to have knowledge about what they are so we can understand the importance of this machine. It has evolved significantly and so that is present in so many segments of which we know today.


The electric motor is a machine responsible for making the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy, by offering this functionality it can be present in several different segments. Today, the engine has various types and models and it helps so that it meets an increasing number of different segments.

To give you an idea, the electric motor is present in segments such as elevators, appliances, nautical segment and even in vehicles. Regardless of what type and model used, the functionality is the same as that transform electrical energy into mechanical energy.